I'm an IT or UC person and I've just had this project dumped in my lap

We see this more times than we can count. The leaders feel that you're the one that deals with the "computer and phone stuff" so you can figure this out too. In some ways they're not wrong because you have a better chance of figuring it out than anyone else in the organization.

So what happens when it just doesn't work like it should? You've got all the settings configured that you should, you've spent hours scouring blogs and support sites, your boss has been asking what's going on with the project, and you're left shrugging when the wireless just doesn't connect.

Voodoo will help to make the project a success. Optimally we'd be engaged during the architecture stage but can help in whatever stage you're in. We have experience coming in during the "panic" stage where the solutions not working, everyone is mad, you've blamed the product for being junk, but everyone still expects you to make it work. Give us a call and we may just be able to save the project.

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