About Voodoo Wireless

Voodoo Wireless was established in 2015 to help organizations establish and maintain a solid wireless infrastructure. Currently located in Calgary with future expansion into Hamilton, ON and Victoria, BC.

Voodoo addresses the specific niche between the manufacturer of the wireless solution and the IT or UC team tasked with trying to implement it. This strengthens our position when dealing with end customers, value added resellers, or manufacturers because we are a complimentary service rather than a competitive pressure.


Q: What's the deal with the name?

A: The name Voodoo was chosen to reflect the unusual nature of wireless technology. There are many aspects that can have a dramatic impact on coverage. Getting it working relies on technical knowledge and lots of experience. To many people not familiar with the wireless world, it will seem like "magic" or "voodoo" when things start working. It was also chosen because the name is very memorable.


Q: Do you cover the Calgary area only?

A: Voodoo Wireless provides service from Ontario out to BC. Areas outside of this may also be considered. Currently our engineers are located in the Calgary area so travel arrangements may need to be considered.